Tom White
Head Coach

Tom is actively involved in the basketball community, specialising in youth programming. He has extensive experience at the domestic, representative, and school levels, coaching at all three.

Damien Ryan

After retiring from a 13-year career as a professional player, Damien held his first ever school holiday camp in Sunbury, his home town. From there, the idea for Hoop Smart was born!

Al Westover
Head Coach

Al bring with him a wealth of basketball knowledge with over 40 years of experience at all levels of basketball in Australia, including as a head coach in the NBL.

Tyba Murphy
Head Coach

Tyba serves as a program leader and head coach for many of our Grassroots programs across the Southeast. A former standout junior player, Tyba has a great passion for coaching the game!

Sophie Morey
Head Coach

Sophie is still active in the game as a player, competing in Victoria’s state league, the BigV. As a Hoop Smart Head Coach, she brings a unique passion and creativity to the program.


Our philosophy

At Hoop Smart, we believe in providing a positive learning environment for basketball players and coaches of all ages and playing ability. we believe in breathing enthusiasm and excitement into everything we do. This means keeping our programs FUN, but also teaching in an environment that encourages growth. We also strive to emphasize the importance of goal setting and building the necessary skills set to excel in everyday life