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Hoop Smart Elite Prep Academy is designed to empower athletes to achieve their basketball goals and aspirations through professional coaching, unwavering support, and personalised guidance. Whether this goal is to get to US college, make the next team, or just improve as a player, we’re here to help.

Our academy is teaching focused, with the aim of personally developing players, beyond just basketball. We recognise that basketball is more than a game; it is a vehicle for personal growth & development and a tool for creating experiences & relationships. Our wholistic approach sets the E.P.A. apart and prepares athletes for success.

Post Graduate Program

The E.P.A Post Graduate Program is designed for players that have completed their high school studies and are looking to explore their basketball opportunities further. It is open to both boys and girls.

Structured in line with the school terms, the E.P.A runs Monday to Thursday, 4 hours per day, progressing athletes on their development pathway. We focus on establishing a solid foundation of skills, footwork, movement, strength, game concepts, structure & strategy, and basketball IQ.

Each week (16 hours) is broken into 3 main components:

  • 8 hours on-court training
  • 4 hours strength, conditioning, and physical training
  • 4 hours off-court player recovery and personal development sessions

On Court

The on-court portion of the program will include individual skill development, team strategy, and a personalised coaching. Our aim is to identify each player’s strengths and then work towards maximising these attributes to make the best player possible. 

We will also identify and isolate those areas of your game that need to improve and work towards developing these skills.

Off Court

Developing each player’s knowledge, improving their physical body, and growing as a person (not just a basketball player) are all things we believe to be equally as important for players. Off the court, players will learn to analyse video, improve athleticism through a structured & personalised strength and conditioning program, and learn about the key factors of recovery, nutrition, and mental development.

The program curriculum also includes:

  • Basketball skill assessments and progress reports
  • Athletic performance testing
  • Strength, conditioning, and flexibility programs
  • Mentoring
  • Social Media training
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Sports Psychology
  • Level 1 Coach Accreditation

And much more!

Strength, Coordination, & Conditioning

As an athlete, taking care of your body and maximising your athletic potential are key elements to success. Our strength and conditioning program is designed to improve each player’s physical performance on the court and reduce their chance of injury.

Our program dedicates four hours each week to enhance athlete’s mobility, stability, speed, strength, power, conditioning, and recovery. 

– Assess each individuals injury risk and athletic ability through a thorough assessment including a movement screening and performance testing
– Improve on the physical qualities necessary to be a successful basketball player while working on each individuals weaknesses identified in the assessment
– Measure progress throughout the process to show improvements and direct future strength and conditioning training


Our aim is to provide players with a premium training program at an affordable price. Included in tuition fees is a membership to the GESAC facilities, E.P.A training gear, and Club Coaching Accreditation (Level 1).

We will also be taking the E.P.A group to tour the USA in July and participate in the AAU circuit. Details and dates of the trip are TBC. 

Elite Prep Academy


Elite Prep Academy USA Tour (July 2019)


*Payment plans available

Al Westover
Program Director

Hoop Smart Elite Prep Academy is led by Head Coach and Program Director, Al Westover. Al has over 40 years of experience playing & coaching around the world.


  • Over 1600 games coached (including at the NBL, SEABL, VBA, Big V, and VJBL levels in Australia)
  • 2-Time NBL Championship winning coach
  • NBL Coach of the Year (2006)
  • 5 years as coach at Australian College of Sport

Larry Holmes
MindSports Psychologist

Understanding and training your mind can be just as or more valuable than a dribble move or a jump shot. Larry Holmes serves as our “mind coach”, working with players on the mental side of the game


  • 40+ years individual and organisational coaching 
  • Internationally traveled for sports, leadership, and team development 
  • Founder of Mindsports Peak Performance Coaching (Website Link)
  • Former NCAA DI player

Ben Shellim
Head of Strength & Conditioning

Our Strength & Conditioning is led by Ben Shellim. Ben brings a basketball background to the realm of S &C to deliver basketball specific preparation 


  • Former NJCAA and NCAA DII player
  • 6+ years coaching high performance athletes
  • Melbourne Tigers junior standout
  • Founder & Head Coach Viking Performance

Dan Kusnyer
Sports Development

Dan is charged with logistical operations, program development, and education activities at the Academy.  His experience in both the US and Australia serves players wanting to explore their US college aspirations. 


  • Sports Development Officer and Head Coach with Hoop Smart
  • Assistant Coach BigV Men- Hawthorn Magic
  • Former NJCAA, NCAA DII, and BigV player

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