Hoop Smart Next Team

You’ve learned the basics and now maybe you’re playing in a team. Well we want to help your team! Hoop Smart NEXT Team is designed to help coaches and players take the NEXT step. Appropriate for teams Under 8 up to Under 18, we come to you to help facilitate a training session(s). Through our experienced coaching staff, we focus on developing advanced skills, how to “think” the game, stratiges for coaching, and lift the intensity of the session in preparation for the game. Our goal is to give your team the necessary tools to push and improve as a group.


Hoop Smart Next Team

Offered as a team development session, we work with domestic and representative teams and their coaches as a unit.

Whether it’s helping players and coaches master a specific skill, counter a type of defence, facilitating team building exercises, or developing the framework of an effective training session, we will help to grow your team!

We offer a slightly more advanced training aimed at a team of 7-10 players.