Unique to Hoopsmart is the the ‘PLAYER PATHWAY’ system we use to grade our athletes, placing them in the best group to build their skills and put forward a clear pathway for success.

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AGE:  5 -12 yrs                 LEVEL:  Beginner/Intermediate

We believe getting off to a great start and learning good habits is important for any new undertaking. And basketball is no exception! Since 2012, we’ve been a leader in grassroots basketball around Melbourne conducting hundreds of camps, after school programs, and school visits. The philosophy around our Grassroots programs is centered on teaching kids the fundamental skills and rules of basketball early in their basketball career, all while enjoying this great sport and experiencing all it has to offer. These programs are suitable for players new to the game or those that have recently started playing in a team.  


AGE:  10 -14 yrs                 LEVEL:  Intermediate/Advanced

If you’re playing in a team. Hoop Smart NEXT is designed for you. Appropriate for players aged 10-14, the aim of the Hoop Smart NEXT program is to help players take the NEXT step in their development. Through our experienced coaching staff, we focus on developing advanced skills, how to “think” the game, and lift the intensity of the sessions. Our goal is to give players the necessary tools to push and improve themselves


AGE:  10 -16 yrs                LEVEL:  Advanced

Hoop Smart ELITE is designed for those players wanting to train like a pro. From our group sessions, semi-private, and private training, we offer a range of training options for those players serious about taking their game to the next level.